Cleaning Your Tank

  • Water should be changed at least once a month. Weekly is even better.
  • Many people make the mistake of taking all the water out of the tank and scrubbing everything. This is bad because it kills the good bacteria and stresses the fish.
  • You need to change 1/3 of the water in the tank.
  • Age some water: fill a container with enough tap water to change that much water
  • Let it sit for at least 1 day with the lid off (longer is better so that the chlorine evaporates out).
  • Use the siphon to pump out 1/3 of the water from the tank (tip: this water is great for plants).
  • Pour the aged water into the tank (tip: pour the water slowly into the filter. If you pour it directly into the tank it may stir up dirt and knock down decorations)