Feeding Your Fish

  • Is your fish a plant eater, meat eater, or both?
  • Make sure you google what your fish eats before you buy it to make sure you can buy the right food.
  • Plant eaters like Plecos need algae flakes
  • Meat eaters like puffer fish need to be fed frozen bloodworms and snails
  • Goldfish are omnivores and eat both meat and plants. They like flake food and duckweed plants.
  • Don’t feed more than your fish can consume in a 30 seconds and feed 2-3 times a day(breakfast, lunch, & supper) if possible.
  • Pinch a bit between your thumb and finger. That should be enough but you can feed another pinch if the fish is still looking for more.
  • Fish eat in different ways. Some will come eat food off the top of the water. Other fish will not eat the food until it sinks down and others don’t eat it until it’s on the bottom (plecos and corycats). You may need to submerge the food under the water until it starts to sink.
  • Make sure not too much food sinks to the bottom. If there’s more food than the fish can finish in a couple minutes and it sinks to the bottom and rots this is not good. It will create pollution that can hurt the fish.
  • Vacation: most fish can go without food for at least a week. It’s actually healthy for them go fast. The bigger the fish, the longer it can go without food. Fish can go the weekend without being fed.