• Pump water from the tank and take out dirt and poisons and then pump it back into the tank.
  • A filter is filled with media. Media is the material that catches debris or allows good bacteria to grow in the filter.
  • Types of media: sponge or floss catches dirt/ ceramic provides a home for good bacteria to grow.
  • 3 main types: hang on the back(HOB), canister, and¬†biological(sponge).
  • HOB: filters that hang on the side of the tank on the outside. Water is sucked from the tank into the filter through a tube. The water is pumped through the media where dirt and poisons are taken out and then a clean stream of water goes back into the tank like a waterfall. Easiest filter to set up and clean.
  • Canister: a filter that sits on the ground under the tank. It has 2 tubes that go up into the tank. One tube sucks water into the canister and the other pumps clean water back into the tank. It is the most difficult filter to clean and set up but the best.
  • Sponge: goes inside the tank and is connects to the tube from an aerator. Lots of bacteria grow in the sponge and the air helps them multiply. They break down the poisons in the tank but don’t filter out dirt. Easiest to set up and great if you have shrimp of baby fish so that they don’t get sucked up.